Team Events

Fun is a Core Value at Bramwith so our internal team building events are aimed at both rewarding, and incentivising consultants to deliver the best service with a passion and enthusiasm for the job in hand.  This is achieved by organising; Target Driven Incentives, Lunch Clubs, Away Days, Charity Events and Inter-Team Competitions

Target Driven Incentives 
A large part of running a successful sales floor is keeping the team motivated to deliver the results for the business and their clients.  By running individual and team targets on a Weekly, Monthly and Yearly basis there is always a reason to go the extra mile to get the results. 

Lunch Clubs
Lunch Clubs are a key characteristic of the Bramwith Consulting culture and are organised to celebrate those who have done an outstanding job and shown substantial improvement or exceeded expectations.  Typically this involves taking some time off work and being treated to a great lunch out with one of the Directors.

Away Days 
It’s important to keep fresh, knowledge share and be collaborative in work practices.  Bramwith Consulting ensure its team are working in partnership with one another by organising away days, generally in an exotic location, where there can be a blend of training and development coupled with some hard earned Rest and Relaxation.

Charity Events 
Bramwith Consulting are committed to supporting charities and those less fortunate.  We are proud to closely partner with Macmillan and Anaphylaxis Campaign and have a dedicated charity officer who organises monthly charity events such as 10k runs and pub quiz’s to raise money and awareness whilst contributing to the positive and fun environment harboured in the Bramwith Consulting team. 

Company House Competitions
Collaboration is a core value of Bramwith Consulting and the introduction of Company Houses and the monthly competitions are a prime example of the collaborative & fun environment we have created.
Monthly competitions include events such as; Dodge Ball, Rounders, Bowling, Go-Karting, and all certainly bring out the teams competitive nature!  Keep track on our Facebook page to see whether Congo, Amazon or Rio Dulce are leading the standings!